Call for all emergency gas leak repairs on 0207 9932826

We will endeavour to trace and repair reported commercial gas pipework leaks in the shortest time possible, in a time and cost efficient manner. Our commercial gas engineers carry the equipment to enable them to swiftly trace smells of gas, enabling them to then get on with the gas leak repair. We carry the latest gas detection equipment which can save massively on time, therefore saving you money.  

In the first instance, call the National Gas Emergency number (0800 111 999) if you: 

  • Smell gas
  • Suspect an emission of carbon monoxide, or
  • Wish to report a fire or explosion  

Our commercial gas pipe leak trace and repair engineers are available 24 hours a day, every day, to respond and undertake commercial gas leak trace and repairs works, enabling your gas supply to be re-instated in the shortest time possible, ensuring minimum disruption and minimum fuss to your property and operation be it industrial or commercial gas pipework or appliances. We will help you find a solution. 

For more information, or to book any of our emergency gas leak repair services in London, contact us on: 


0207 9932826 


Or e-mail us on